• Advanced editing, merging functions and database cleanup tools
    • Edit nameplate information from within database
    • Perform mass updates on companies, divisions and locations
    • Merge identical apparatus within database, where separate files were created with different nameplate information
  •  Built-in analysis tools
    • Tabulate test results
  • Remote, Doble-hosted database with “one-click” backup
  • Analysis capability and data accessibility
  • Active Directory integration
  • Evaluates and compares tabulated test result values against Doble limit files
  • Investigates subsystems across specific kinds of apparatus
  • Eliminates the need to maintain server or manage database installation and upgrades
  • Captures data and back up files on network in logical folder structure
  • Enables “single-click” export of your entire database to your computer
  • Localizes DTA Field support files: manufacturers lists, company/division/location choice lists, temperature correction curves and Doble limit files
  • Maintains a cleaner database
  • Identifies deteriorating equipment more easily

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