• Portable, battery-operated instrument for regular condition assessment of surge arresters
  • Unique identification of each surge arrester makes data management easy
  • Instrument can store 1000 surge arrester IDs and measurements performed in the field
  • Defines individual surge arrester types including operational parameters
  • Perform evaluation of groups of surge arresters, e.g. by type or region, with included software
  • Rated in accordance with IEC 60099-5 for field monitoring of metal oxide surge arresters
  • Safe and effective assessment of metal oxide surge arresters
  • Inspection of a surge arrester takes less than 15 minutes on location and can be performed with the arrester in service
  • Can be used for short-term monitoring of one arrester to investigate details in leakage current changes over time

LCM Viewer Softwaresoftware-lcmviewer@300x300

  • Use the LCM Viewer software on your computer to view and edit the survey files created on your LCM500
  • The LCM Viewer allows data to be displayed, with multiple file overlays
  • Data can be printed, reported and saved
  • Data can also be uploaded to an LCM instrument
  • Registered users can download the latest LCM Viewer software and documentation

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