• Instrument sends excitation signals to transformer and measures the returning signals across a broad frequency range
  • Provides a frequency response measurement from 10 Hz to 25 MHz
  • Measures frequency response at logarithmically spaced intervals of 1.2%
  • Auto-scales each frequency measurement for an overall dynamic range of 80 dB with a ±1 dB accuracy
  • Highest combination of dynamic range and accuracy available
  • Ensure transformer performance, reduce maintenance costs and increase the service life of transformers
  • Identify problems such as core movement, winding deformation & displacement, faulty core grounds, partial winding collapse, hoop buckling, broken or loose clamping structures, shorted turns and open windings
  • Use as part of your regular maintenance program or any time you suspect a problem
  • Measurements are highly repeatable so even subtle changes can be used for diagnostic purposes

SFRA Software

  • Control and operate your M5400
  • Compare and analyze SFRA measurements
  • Identify deviations and confirm internal mechanical problems
  • Includes preconfigured templates

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M7100 Analyzer

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