• Built-in Low Voltage/High Current Multi-Frequency Source
  • Combined Source and Measurement Test Leads
  • True 4-Terminal measurements
  • Intuitive design where the color or number is the connection
  • Patented dual high-voltage leads allow you to switch between Source and Measurement – both capabilities are within each HV lead
  • Enhanced safety features include new safety switch design
  • Finish testing in a third of the time
  • Maximize your outages and limit safety risk
  • Replace a truck full of instruments and cables
  • Greatly reduce the number of ladder trips technicians are exposed to per job

software-dta@2xDoble Test Assistant (DTA) Software

  • Collect, analyze and manage test results
  • Easy-to-use test plans for two dozen types of HV test apparatus
  • Doble QuickHelp pictures for lead connection and test setup guidance
  • Manages data by establishing library of every result you collect with DTA

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