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DTA6 is the most comprehensive software tool for the collection, analysis and management of test results for the Doble M-Series family of instruments. DTA6 includes remote access to stored data from your personal Doble Database for backup and asset management.

DTA6 takes asset management to the next level with the First Response ANalytics Knowledgebase™. FRANK is an artificial intelligence system that "thinks", helping you instantly analyze your test results along with clear recommendations and explanations.

Features and Benefits

  • Runs all Doble automated HV M-Series test instruments
  • Powered by FRANK – an artificial intelligence software engine using by analytics, algorithms, decision-based logic, statistical comparison to over 1,000,000 HV apparatus tests from the master Doble Database - plus a century of Doble knowledge
  • Easy-to-use test plans for two dozen types of HV test apparatus
  • Doble QuickHelp pictures for lead connection and test setup guidance
  • Manages data by establishing library of every result you collect with DTA
  • Built-in Doble Database Cloud data storage to retrieve and store test results
  • New analysis features: Transformer Excitation Plotting, Capacitor Bank Test Plan,
    Capacitor Bank Leakage Current Plotting, Rotating Machine Tip-Up Plots

Ask FRANK: First Response Analytics Knowledgebase™

Doble has updated and migrated our acclaimed Doble Expert System to a new artificial intelligence software engine. FRANK's "brain" contains a century's worth of Doble knowledge and uses a combination of knowledge-based algorithms, fuzzy-logic, regressive-tree logic and relational association to make it the smartest HV apparatus AI system in the world.

We’ve taught it about individual apparatus service advisories and loaded it with over 1,000,000 apparatus of statistical data for comparison. No matter where you are in the world, you have FRANK helping you instantly analyze your test results and providing clear recommendations and explanations. And FRANK is constantly "learning", getting updates to its neural logic algorithms as well a new apparatus statistics from the Doble Database.


The next generation of DTA Office software for analyzing Doble test results


DTA Web is the next generation of DTA Office software for analysis of your Doble test results. It saves time and improves efficiency with:

  • Advanced editing and merging functions
  • Analysis tools for evaluating and comparing test results against Doble limit files
  • Remote, Doble-hosted database with “one-click” backup

Features and Benefits

Maintain a cleaner database.

Enhanced editing and database cleanup tools let you:

  • Edit nameplate information from within the database
  • Perform mass updates on companies, divisions, and locations
  • Merge identical apparatus within the database, where separate files were created with slightly different nameplate information

Identify deteriorating equipment more easily.

Built-in analysis tools let you:

  • Tabulate test results
  • Compare tabulated values against Doble limit files
  • Investigate subsystems across specific kinds of apparatus

Spend your time more productively.

Doble-hosted server/database:

  • Eliminates the need to maintain server or manage database installation and upgrades
  • Captures your data and backs up files on your network in logical folder structure
  • Enables “single-click” export of your entire database to your computer

Manage data more efficiently.

With DTAWeb’s new editing tools, analysis capability, and data accessibility, you can:

  • Localize DTA Field support files: manufacturers lists, company/division/location choice lists, temperature correction curves, and Doble limit files
  • Manage data and enforce data security within customized subdatabases
  • Streamline loading process and edit rejected files during load
  • Access loaded or backed-up files using Windows Explorer, quickly and easily

Now available for download.

DTA Web is available on the Downloads page. DTA users receive an e-mail with the password to unzip the files and download DTA Web software. 

DTA Field 

Standardize test procedures, manage data, and analyze results 

DTA is a comprehensive software package to enhance productivity and enable maintenance engineers to make informed decisions on apparatus condition in the field. DTA uses a Doble-developed expert system based on decades of analysis of field test results.

 DTA software works with the M4100 instrument as automated test equipment to determine the condition of high-voltage substation apparatus.

What makes DTA unique? 

  • Uniform test methods and measurements
  • Data produced in a controlled manner by Doble test equipment
  • Rigorous rules for formats and naming
  • Information easily compared against similar information from within your company
  • Information comparable against results from similar tests from other companies
  • Best-practice gains, via work with statistically larger, more viable samples

Features and Benefits 

  • Data Management. Establish a library of every apparatus test result you collect with DTA Field.
  • Standardized Test Forms. Test screens are unique and applicable to the particular type of apparatus, providing consistency, easy management, and prompt interpretation of the test data.
  • Apparatus-Specific Data Records. Each apparatus nameplate and test history is located in one record, improving the efficiency of testing and evaluation of results.
  • Data Analysis with the Doble Expert System. The optional Doble Expert System evaluates test data, generating an insulation rating and providing an explanation and recommendations. With limits obtained from Doble's historic library of test results, you can compare your results to industry trends. This leads to better-informed decisions and quicker resolution of any test inconsistencies.
  • Onscreen Help. Standardized test procedures reduce inconsistency in test results and provide direction on how to perform tests correctly and consistently.
  • Central Storage. Test records are located in a master database for easy access throughout the company.
  • Automated Temperature Compensation. DTA applies a temperature correction factor for accurate comparison of periodic test results.
  • Easy Functionality. Windows-based software makes DTA a familiar tool to work with.
  • Identification of Equipment Location. Run reports based on specific test results and location of your equipment.
  • Identification of Equipment Trends. Analyze and compare your test result against industry results, to distinguish emerging trends.
  • Scheduling and Maintenance Planning. With DTA, create a schedule to manage your testing and maintenance needs.

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