DOMINO Permanent-Mount Sensors

Provides continuous, reliable measurement of the water content of electrical insulating liquids and other types of oils

The DOMINO sensor measures moisture in oil in terms of ppm and relative saturation (RS), as well as temperature. It provides continuous, reliable measurement of the water content of electrical insulating liquids and other types of oils.

Determining the moisture in insulating liquids is an essential part of any comprehensive maintenance or diagnostic program. Since DOMINO was introduced in 1999, its enthusiastic acceptance in the industry has placed it as another respected, superior quality instrument from Doble Engineering.

Features and Benefits

  • Instantaneous Results. No waiting ... DOMINO provides continuous results in parts per million (ppm), relative saturation, and temperature.
  • An Effective Monitor. Continuously monitors oil reconditioning in systems as small as a single filter cartridge to as large as a mobile or stationary processing plant. Helps determine filter changeout, process efficiency, and when to terminate processing. Readout is directly in ppm—no need for charts and conversions.
  • Simple to Use. Eliminates harmful chemicals and laboratory systemic errors associated with Karl Fischer titrations, delicate Karl Fischer titration devices, sampling error, and contamination from ambient humidity.
  • Quick Response. In flowing oil at a velocity of 4 liters per minute or more (1 gallon per minute), the time for 100% response is 30 seconds or less. This means you can perform your job quicker and more accurately.
  • Easy installation. The probe installs directly in flowing oil of up to 2271 liters per minute (600 gpm). As for the transmitter, just plug it will start to measure and display immediately.
  • Immune to Interference. Accuracy of measurements is unaffected by the severe electrostatic and electromagnetic interference conditions in substation environments.
  • Highest Accuracy. At ±1%, including nonlinearity and repeatability, the accuracy is the best in the industry.
  • Stable Calibration. Calibration stability ensures accuracy and validity of the measurements.
  • Rugged and Reliable. Robust design provides the accuracy of a laboratory instrument with durability for field use.
  • Flexible Configurations. Comes with two analog outputs, with defaults set to 4 to 20 mA. Easily change and select outputs, which are scalable from 0–20 mA or 0–10 V. Simple software commands allow you to complete configuration in a few minutes, even in the field. Access and change operating parameters through the local display menu or the serial bus.
  • Storage and Graphing Capabilities. The data recording function is always on, collecting data automatically into the device's memory. Recorded data does not disappear from memory when the power is switched off. View collected data as a graph or download it using the serial connector. If the model is provided with the optional display, the recorded quantities are always those selected for the display. Up to three quantities can be recorded at a time.

DOMINO incorporates many options in our base unit, such as two selectable and scalable outputs and a serial bus. Most models include a keypad and display and are powered by either 24 VDC or a selectable 115/230 VAC power supply. DOMINO models have various cable lengths from the probe to the transmitter (display/keypad) and can be mounted permanently or temporarily. A portable version is also available, as well as two models with  an alarm output. These options allow you to suit the product to your needs.

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