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F6150 Power System Simulator

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Doble's user-friendly software suite for the F6150 makes it easy for test engineers to perform everything from routine characteristic checks to dynamic state simulation tests.

Control Panel

Simple to use, manual and interactive testing

This virtual front panel provides "point-and-click" control of all sources, inputs, outputs, and timers. It allows you to run a quick check of a protection scheme without an elaborate test plan.


Preconfigured templates for automated testing

This module provides preconfigured graphical templates with a point-and-click interface for testing impedance, voltage, current, and frequency relays. Easy-to-read displays show test plans and associated results for quick and easy evaluation of protection schemes and relays.


Fully customized automated testing of all protection schemes

ProTesT is a comprehensive software solution for steady-state, dynamic-state, and transient testing for relays and protection schemes. A graphical interface and over 50 customizable test templates allow you to create an automated test plan for every protection relay or scheme. It includes a powerful database and reporting capabilities.

Transducer and metering control panel

This graphical interface enables you to quickly perform simple performance verification tests on meters and transducers. It allows you to develop a library of automated tests based on your specific practices and test results.

For more details regarding the various software please refer to the Protection Software Suite document in the upper right corner.

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