Doble is very pleased to welcome LDIC Group to the Doble family of companies.

LDIC is a leading supplier of “partial discharge” diagnostic testing instruments and systems used to assess the integrity of high voltage power delivery equipment. The company also provides an advanced surface acoustic wave sensor technology that enables utility customers to remotely monitor the condition of high voltage power lines.

More about the LDIC Partial Discharge offerings:

The LDIC Group offers state-of-the-art instruments and systems, either on a digital or analog basis, that allow the testing according to national and international standards such as IEC 60270, IEC 62478 (pending), DIN VDE 0434 as well as various IEEE and other standards for the High Voltage Test and Measurement technology.

LDIC Group Partial Discharge Instruments include:

Digital, highly advanced, multi-purpose and smart Partial Discharge and Diagnostics System

Digital and highly advanced Tan Delta Measurement System

Portable PD Analyzing System LDS-6/UHF for PD measurements and monitoring on GIS or Cable Systems

Digital Partial Discharge Measuring and Diagnostics System for industrial and general HV test floor environments

Portable, differential LEMKE PROBE for detection of dangerous partial discharges

Multi Channel Acoustic Partial Discharge Measurement System

Ultrasonic PD Sensor LDA-5/S used for PD detection during in-service inspection of high voltage (HV) equipment

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