The comprehensive software test system for all your protection relay schemes

ProTesT is a comprehensive software test system designed for improved productivity and quality in performance testing and assessment of protection and protection schemes. ProTesT provides powerful database and reporting capabilities that give you better control and management of your testing and maintenance programs.

You can use ProTesT to perform virtually any test needed on your protection scheme, including:

  • Steady-state calibration. Automates testing of impedance, voltage, current, frequency, and synchronizing relays using standard test templates (macros).
  • Dynamic-state simulation. Assesses protection scheme performance under actual power system conditions. Evaluate for load flow, fault resistance, cross-country faults, current reversals, and other specific power system events.
  • Transient simulation. Controls playback of COMTRADE data for transient simulation tests. High playback rate (10kHz) accurately simulates true power system events, including DC and high-frequency components. Also available as a standalone software application, TransWin.
  • End-to-end testing. Synchronizes state simulation and transient simulation tests via Global Positioning System (GPS) for complete end-to-end testing of the protection scheme.

Generate test plans easily and automatically using protection settings

ProTesT allows you to document settings of the protection scheme, along with the types of tests to be performed. ProTesT then generates the test plan automatically, at the click of a button. If you make changes to the protection setting parameters, ProTesT automatically updates the test parameters to reflect these changes. ProTesT also allows for the fine-tuning of test parameters, combining the flexibility of the software with a high degree of automation.

Centralized database for improved system reliability

ProTesT employs an industry-standard, SQL-compliant database to store protection settings, test parameters, and test results. ProTesT can synchronize results from multiple test teams in different locations using its powerful import/export functionality. Maintain and improve system reliability easily using the database synchronization capability.

Ready-to-use templates

ProTesT uses more than 50 standard test templates (macros) for test automation, grouped into plans:

  • A Plan for testing synchronizing protection
  • I Plan for testing over/undercurrent protection
  • V Plan for testing over/undervoltage protection
  • F Plan for testing over/underfrequency protection
  • Z Plan for testing impedance protection
  • T Plan for transient waveform editing and simulation testing
  • P Plan for power system modeling for dynamic testing

The logical grouping of macros in the user-friendly interface requires little time or effort to learn and allows quick creation of testing sequences, or test plans. These macros are ready to use as supplied, or they can be easily modified to meet your needs.

Run multiple tests automatically

Using the Autorun feature, you can run a series of tests automatically. You reduce test time and increase consistency by minimizing user intervention.

Powerful database and reporting capabilities

ProTesT includes a powerful database system that allows you to store historical test parameters and results. You can easily document and report on all aspects of your protection settings, test methods, and test history. Use this database at any time to generate standard summary test reports, or create your own, using ProTesTís industry-standard SQL database architecture.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily generate test plans and automatically use protection settings.
  • Preconfigured modules enable quick startup, standardized test practices, and higher test productivity.
  • Autorun allows a series of test modules to run nonstop, reducing test time and generating consistent results.
  • Historical database allows you to evaluate and improve test procedures.
  • Test complete protection scheme under realistic power system conditions

ProTesT User Group

All Doble clients using ProTesT software are invited to participate in the ProTesT User Group (PTUG), which holds meetings every year in a variety of locations. PTUG meetings include technical presentations and extensive hands-on training sessions. PTUG members are encouraged to provide feedback and product development recommendations to Doble, so that we can continue to enhance our protection offerings to best meet your needs.

PTUG members benefit from sharing test data and experiences with each other. Besides access to technical presentations made at past PTUG meetings, they can exchange information with their colleagues at these events and throughout the year via Doble's e-mail Protection Forum. In addition, PTUG members are encouraged to participate in Doble's Client Committee on Protection and Apparatus Test, which holds meetings twice a year.

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