TDR9000 Circuit Breaker Test System

Efficient, accurate measurement of circuit-breaker dynamic timing and motion

The TDR9000 Circuit Breaker Test System is a state-of-the-art instrument designed to test all types of circuit breakers. It permits testing up to eight breaks per phase, for a total of 24 main contacts simultaneously.

The instrument's high-speed data acquisition circuitry, coupled with interference suppression designed for substation environments, provides accurate test results and records contact bounce time as low as 60 μs. Its modular design allows you to acquire a circuit breaker test system matched to your present needs and upgrade as required.

The EHV Contact Timing module measures the opening and closing times of the main contacts and insertion resistor contacts with 100 μs resolution. During a separate test, it measures the capacitance of grading capacitors. This substantially reduces the required number of channels required for circuit-breaker testing.

During a Trip/Close test, the TDR9000 records the output from up to six digital rotary/linear transducers, with accuracy of ±0.1%. Digital transducers overcome errors associated with analog transducers, such as the slide-wire type, where wire slippage or distortion can contribute significant errors. The instrument provides precise details of the relay's damping, total travel, overtravel, rebound, average velocity, and instantaneous velocity. It also supplies details about contact wipe and contact bounce.

A graphic recording of the trip and close coil current provides useful insight into the electrical and mechanical condition of the trip and close mechanisms.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive solution. Accurately measure all essential parameters of a circuit breaker in a single test.
  • High-accuracy motion recording. Patented digital rotary/linear transducer provides early diagnosis of mechanical problems and auxiliary switch and main contact timing errors.
  • Modular design. Customize the system to match present testing requirements; field upgrade as required.
  • Accurate measurement of grading capacitors and insertion resistors. Built-in, precision measurements for grading capacitors and insertion resistors testing eliminates the need for separate measuring instruments.
  • Immune to interference. Accuracy of test results is unaffected by electrostatic and electromagnetic interference in substation environments.
  • Rugged and reliable. Single-box solution provides the accuracy of a laboratory instrument with durability for field use.
  • Self-diagnostics. Circuit identification, tabular results with speculation limits, and pass-fail indication simplify analysis and ensure accurate results.
  • User-friendly PC interface. Intuitive software control panel on your PC permits quick, efficient testing.


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