Our support staff is available to answer any questions about your Doble equipment. You can contact Doble support by email or phone.


Doble provides support to our customers for:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Spare parts orders
  • RMA requests
  • Repair status information
  • Warranty-related questions


So that we may best serve you, please have the following information available when contacting Doble:

  • Company
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Doble test set model number
  • Doble test set serial number
  • Describe in detail your problem or request


Doble’s Technical Support provides information on Doble Service Plans and Customer Service Advisories. If you have questions about your Doble equipment, the status of your order, or would like to schedule a training session for your company, you can reach a member of our Customer Service team by calling +1 617-926-4900 or by emailing customerservice@doble.com



Clients with a Doble Services Agreement are assigned a Doble Client Service Engineer to provide analysis of test results, training, consultation and technical support. If you do not know who your Doble Client Service engineer is, please send an email to help@doble.com or call +1-617-926-4900.

Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company