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DTA Field version 5.7 adds compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7, minor enhancements, and bug fixes. The expert version of the DTA Field System is provided below. You must have a Doble Services Agreement to run this program, and a password is required. Contact your Doble engineer for the password. A non-expert system version for companies without a Doble Services Agreement can be obtained through your local Doble representative.

Software requirements

OS: Windows 7, Windows XP
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer
Note: The DTA Field User Guide has not changed


Size: 9 MB – 9/8/2011 Download file: DTA Field V5.7
Size: 1 MB – 9/8/2011 Download file: DTA Field User Guide
Size: 40 Kb – 9/8/2011 Download file: DTA Field 5.7 Marketing Release Note


These DTA limit files are the most recent and second update since the initial release of DTA Field System 5.7.

Some highlights of this update:
5 new manufacturers, 6 new GCBs, 11 new CTs, 27 new PTs, 3 new CCVTs and 5 new Surge Arresters. Included in the manufacturer list as new is the Ku-AR (Kuhlman-Arteche) which includes a large contingent of instrument transformers. These self-extracting files will copy the contents to the default directory where the initial installation loaded the software. Or if you wish to any directory of your choice. The self-extracting files require a password which is readily available once you contact your Doble principal engineer.

Size: 301 Kb – 04/27/2012 Download file: DTA Limit File XML 572 (for use with DTA FIELD V5.5 and later)
Size: 255 Kb – 04/27/2012 Download file: DTA Limits TXT 572 (text version for DTA FIELD V4.1)


DTA FIELD V5.5 – Spanish language and Portuguese language

Size: 8.8 MB – 1/11/2010 Download file: DTA Field V5.5 | Español
Size: 8.8 MB – 1/11/2010 Download file: DTA Field V5.5 | Portugués

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