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DTA Office System Version 4.4

Version 4.4 is an update to V4.3 required to support the new arrester limit files used by DTA Field Version 5.2 and Version 5.3. It will operate with Sybase Versions 5.5.thru 9.0. Version 4.4 supports the loading of XML and limit files from Version 5.2 and Version 5.3 of the DTA Field System. This version of the Office System will continue to support files from previous versions of the Field System. Any existing Office database prior to Version 4.1 will have to be updated.

The Office System application is listed below as DTAOV44.exe which is a self-extracting file requiring a password to open. To obtain the password contact your Doble principal engineer. A PDF version of the Office System User Manual is also available. The Manual is also a self-extracting file, which requires the same password as the Office System application. A hard copy of the manual and software on CD are available through your Doble principal engineer.

Size: 4 MB    – 10/5/2005 Download file: DTA Office V4.4
Size: 632 Kb – 10/5/2005 Download file: DTA Office V4.4 Manual

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