M5000: Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer (SFRA)

To download any of the files on this page, right-click the link and select “Save link as…”, then browse to the location where you wish to save the file.

To obtain the password for extracting software and documents available on this page, contact your Doble engineer or send an e-mail to sfra.info@doble.com with the subject line “SFRA V5.3.1 password”.  Please state your name and company in the text.


SFRA Software V5.3.1 for Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 Operating Systems (password required):

Version 5.3.1 is the latest software release for the M5400, M5300, and M5200. The only difference between versions 5.3.1 and 5.3 is a report generation fix for users of the Spanish language mode. If you do not use the Spanish language setting in SFRA software, there is no reason to upgrade from 5.3 to 5.3.1.

Prior to installation please read the Release Note and the Quick-Start Guide. You must have administrator privileges to install SFRA software on your Windows PC.

File Size: 268.2 MB – 2016/5/18 Download file: SFRA Software Version 5.3.1


Individual Documents (password required):

Files not included in the full V5.3.1 download package are marked with an asterisk

File Size: 64 KB – 2016/5/18  Download file: Release Note SFRA V5.3.1

File Size: 1.4 MB – 2015/11/2  Download file: Quick Start Guide SFRA V5.3

File Size: 909 KB – 2016/5/18  Download file: Quick Start Guide SFRA V5.3 (French)*

File Size: 2.7 MB – 2015/11/2  Download file: User Guide SFRA V5.3

File Size: 34 KB – 2015/11/2  Download file: “Grounding Apparatus for SFRA Testing” Application Note

File Size: 194 KB – 2016/5/18 Download file: “Grounding Apparatus for SFRA Testing” Application Note (French)*


M5150 Performance Verification Cell Documents and Templates (password required):

The following downloads support the M5150 Performance Verification Cell. The Quick Start Guide package includes sample results for comparison.  The Test Templates package includes an Application Note.

File Size: 1.5 MB – 2015/11/9  Download file: M5150 PVC Quick Start Guide and Sample Results

File Size: 552 KB – 2015/11/9  Download file: M5150 PVC Test Templates


SFRA Measurement Cables

The SFRA measurement cables comply with FRA measurement requirements according to IEC 60076-18. Two cable kits are available: SFRA Classic Plus and SFRA IEC 1.

File Size: 237 KB – 2016/5/18  Download file: SFRA Cables Quick Reference

File Size: 1.3 MB – 2016/5/18  Download file: SFRA Cables Quick Reference (French)


SFRA Standardized Test Templates (password required):

These test templates and application note have been included in the software download since SFRA v5.2.  If you are still running v5.1 or older and would like to use them, you can download them here.

File Size: 232 KB, Date: 2015/11/9  Download file: SFRA Standardized Test Templates


SFRA Firmware Build 368

SFRA Software Versions 5.1 and later require the M5200/M5300/M5400 instrument to run Firmware Version Build 368. If you are successfully running SFRA v5.1 or later on your M5200/M5300/M5400 instrument, you are up-to-date.

If you are running a version of SFRA software older than v5.1, please contact Doble Engineering for assistance in updating your M5200/M5300/M5400 instrument(s).


Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company