Enterprise Asset Management

Introducing Asset Risk Management System

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Asset Managers are plagued by too few or too many details, so quickly spotting developing problems and pinpointing which assets need the most attention is a challenge. That’s why Doble developed the Asset Risk Management System (dobleARMS™), to provide intelligent alerts and notifications so you can make more informed decisions between times of crisis and long-range operational planning.

dobleARMS™ is a new breed of application offering the first true asset risk management system, offering real-time event notification around a sophisticated suite of analytical tools infused with Doble’s expertise in asset life-cycle and associated risks. dobleARMS™ pulls in on-line and off-line data sources, comparative data, advanced analytics and consideration of risk factors like load, cost and customers interrupted. It turns thousands of individual data points—everything from dielectric tests to operational data—into actionable information you can use to make critical decisions about day-to-day and long term operations.

The Benefits

  • Strategically manages assets through a balance of health, criticality and risks
  • Find low frequency events that have a high cost to your business
  • Enables long-term planning around CAPEX and Operations and Maintenance spending
  • Asset alerts & notifications are presented in a meaningful way or to a variety of corporate applications such as WMS, AMS or Smart Grid Demand Response technologies.
  • Easily drill down to the details you need
  • Collaborate across teams with configurable views that support a variety of users
  • Short-term problem solving - situational awareness at your desktop
  • Mapped against long-term risks - asset watch lists/5 year plan
  • Support of automated and self-defined reports