• Five different modes for analysis: oscilloscope, bar graph, phase resolved, time of flight and location
  • Simultaneous reading of UHF and acoustic signatures in all modes
  • Quick and easy to configure, this portable device produces results in seconds
  • Battery-operated device runs for up to 6 hours on one charge
  • Wireless synchronization module for timing partial discharge and mechanical activity against the power system frequency
  • View instant readouts on large LCD screen and easily navigate through measuring modes and settings
  • Review, make reports and upload results with the PDViewer software
  • Find and monitor internal flaws in gas insulated switchgear and act before they turn into catastrophic failures
  • Identify and locate partial discharge, particles and mechanical defects such as loose parts and vibrations
  • Determine failure type based on acoustic characteristics
  • Distinguish between particles, protrusions, floating potentials and insulator support problems
  • Cost-effective alternative to GIS monitoring systems


R15i AST Sensor

R15i AST Acoustic Sensor

  • Sensor with integrated pre-amplifier for oil-filled apparatus, i.e. transformers and instrument transformers
  • Includes cable and magnetic hold down
  • Resonance 150kHz
  • Frequency range 5 kHz – 500 kHz
TEVProbe TN80310

TEV Probe

  • For use in GIS
  • Connect the TEV probe directly on the antenna input of the DFA500
  • Move the sensor across a grounded metal surface to find the location of the strongest signal amplitude
 HFCT TN80308

HFCT Sensor

  • Clip on an apparatus ground wire and connect to the DFA300 to confirm internal PD activity
  • Scan for electrical pulses (f<200 MHz) as evidence for partial discharge to earth
UHF DV sensor_DN5080 TN80322

UHF Drain Valve Sensor DN50/DN80

  • For use with HV Transformers for decoupling of electromagnetic PD signals from inside of transformers
  • Sensor fits into DN 50 or DN 80 drain valves
  • Supports “Performance/Sensitivity Check” where high frequency test pulses can be injected with further integrated electrodes
  • Grounded sensors (for low frequencies)

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