• Portable, easy to use, handheld devices
  • Packaged kit includes all accessories needed for a comprehensive EMI assessment
  • Provides dual EMI and RFI partial discharge spectrum capabilities
  • Easily connects to multiple sensors including high-frequency current transformers, UHF drain valve, TEV probes, and directional antennae for various applications
  • Acoustically listen to radio noise generated from defects
  • Signal can be power cycle synchronized to facilitate phase resolved PD analysis


  • Efficiently plan outages by improving prioritization of needed maintenance & repairs
  • Non-invasive, in-service electrical “system assessment” surveying solution
  • No permanent high-voltage connections mitigating arc flash hazards
  • Proven technology providing asset maintenance recommendations after the first test

PDViewer Software

  • Use the PDViewer software on your computer to view and edit the survey files created on your handheld PD tools
  • PD spectra and time resolved plots can be displayed, overlaid and compared in a simple user interface
  • Examine RFI and acoustic data; overlay or compare multiple traces side-by-side
  • Registered users can download the latest PDViewer software and documentation

Leverage Doble’s expert EMI Diagnostics field services team to perform testing at your plant for a comprehensive electrical plant assessment. Doble can also provide comprehensive classroom and field data acquisition training, enabling your team to capture EMI and partial discharge data and forward results to Doble’s experts for detailed data analysis, report generation and follow up consultation.


A typical training session would include:

  • Overview of EMI, PD and RFI detection applications
  • EMI fundamentals
  • International standards
  • Working with the EMI Surveyor
  • Taking reliable measurements
  • Analyzing data for proper data acquisition
  • Managing data and firmware
  • Overview of PDViewer software


PD Accessories
doblePRIME PD-Guard

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