• Front panel display
  • Three AC/DC Currents
  • Three AC Voltages, one DC voltage/battery simulator
  • 12 Contact / 0-250Vrms Voltage inputs
  • Four contact outputs
  • Transducer voltage/input
  • GPS input (antenna included)
  • IRIG input

The MTS-5160 Six Currrent Amplifier

Accessory unit that can be used in conjunction with the MTS-5000. When connected to a MTS-5000, the MTS-5160 adds 6 current channels to the setup to make a total of 9 current channels available to the user. It is a cost effective means to add more power to your test system when required.

Other Accessories:

  • Large Hard-shell shipping case
  • Small Hard-shell shipping case
  • GPS Antenna
  • GPS extension lead (85’)
  • Test Lead Kit
  • Foot Switch
  • Replacement User Manual


MTS Onboard Software is the firmware that runs natively onboard the MTS-5100 and MTS-5000 test systems. The firmware is updated periodically to add new relays and Productivity Modes as well as other time-savings features.RapidTest™ is a Windows-based software that can be installed on a computer. This software allows for storing the test parameters and results transferred from an MTS-5100 or MTS-5000 test system. This software allows for the creation of standard and custom reports and allows users to send the test parameters back to the test system to re-run previous tests.Remote Console is a Windows-based software that can be installed on a computer. This software allows for the control of the test system using the computer. The computer connects to the test system using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly using a third party wireless connector.

The latest version of all three software packages can be downloaded here: Customer Login area.



MTS-1010 and MTS-1030

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Doble Engineering Company