Diagnostic solutions from the transformer experts

Doble has been a trusted name in diagnostic solutions for nearly a century. Today, many companies are increasingly looking to outsource for answers to their toughest engineering problems. Doble Power Services leverages the resources of Doble’s library and team of more than 70 engineers with extensive experience in transformer, substation, rotating machinery and power systems engineering applications. You can trust Doble’s expert consulting, condition assessment and laboratory services for unbiased diagnosis and assessment of critical assets.

Services include:

  • Expert consulting services
  • Geomagnetic disturbance risk mitigation services
  • Specification writing and review
  • Factory audits
  • Proposal evaluation
  • Design review
  • Independent test witnessing
  • Laboratory services
  • Forensic analysis
  • On-line substation survey
  • Condition assessment services
    • Asset health review
    • On-site condition assessment
  • Advanced and routine testing
    • Commissioning/acceptance testing
    • Partial discharge (UHF)
    • IR and RFI survey
    • Acoustic
    • Insulation condition (power factor, capacitance, insulation resistance)
    • Electrical/magnetic (winding resistance, excitation current)
    • Mechanical (SFRA, leakage reactance)
  • Doble Life of a Transformer™ Seminar 

Case Study

A major North American generation company, invested in a long-term transformer replacement project, awarded Doble a multi-year contract for transformer consulting services including:

  • Overseeing design review process
  • Witnessing transformer manufacturing and testing
  • Providing advanced testing, root cause analysis and other assessment services

“By working with Doble, we can get a lot of expertise without having to worry about five or six different companies. That gives us an advantage in terms of cost and knowing that the reports we receive come with Doble’s quality stamp on them.”

Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company