In today’s energy environment, knowledge is essential to the successful delivery of power. One factor that makes Doble truly unique is that we possess over eight decades of industry and apparatus information and over 20 million test results. No other company has collected a comparable database, making Doble the knowledge source for the industry.

What began as a reference library at Doble has evolved into the world’s largest and most valuable collection of apparatus performance information. Doble is committed to continuing the development of this valuable industry asset and to making it more accessible to our clients.

Thousands of maintenance engineers rely on Doble’s email forum to exchange knowledge and solve problems. Members with the Doble Services Agreement can search this rich library of Client Conference technical papers, instruction manuals, test results and historical archives of email discussion group items.

Doble Client Center

The Doble Client Center is for clients with a signed Doble Services contract agreement. If you have questions concerning your contract status, please send an email to The Client Center is where our registered clients will find 24/7 access to the responsive service and privileged information they expect.

How do I register?

Contact us by email. Once approved, you will receive your Doble portal user ID and password within 3 business days.


Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company