Industry Leaders in Dissolved Gas Analysis Join to Address Customer Needs in Intelligent Grid Requirements

We are pleased to share the news that, effective May 25, 2017, ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE) has acquired the assets of Morgan Schaffer and established a new subsidiary of Doble Engineering Company, which is named Morgan Schaffer LTD.


About Morgan Schaffer

Morgan Schaffer is a global utility solutions provider located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Its solutions are sold in over 90 countries to both electrical utilities with generation and transmission assets and original equipment manufacturers of large transmission transformers.

Founded in 1965, Morgan Schaffer designs, develops, manufactures and markets an integrated offering of dissolved gas analysis (DGA), oil testing, and data management solutions which enhance the ability of electric utilities to accurately monitor the health of critical power transformers.

Morgan Schaffer was the first to develop a commercially available DGA service in North America and further developed a leading expertise in DGA monitoring equipment. Today, Morgan Schaffer markets the most reputable offering of premium DGA equipment, and related software and services for monitoring the health of critical oil-filled transformers.


Doble and Morgan Schaffer: DGA and beyond

Morgan Schaffer and Doble will maintain their respective core offerings. Morgan Schaffer’s Calisto product line for online transformer DGA monitoring is a natural complement to Doble’s existing suite of online software and hardware solutions, including doblePRIME and dobleARMS®. These comprehensive offerings will give customers the appropriate resources to meet intelligent grid requirements.

Our combined oil testing laboratory capabilities will allow us to provide customers with a complete range of testing, analysis and diagnostic services, as well as fast turnaround times, responsive customer support, flexible delivery schedules and testing packages. Morgan Schaffer will continue to produce commercial gas-in-oil and moisture-in-oil standards to ensure accurate, dependable DGA results.

Bryan Sayler, president of Doble, commented, “The addition of Morgan Schaffer gives us a more comprehensive line of test capabilities that significantly strengthens our product, service and software offerings by adding a highly-differentiated, market-leading DGA solution. Large transformers are critical to the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power, and Morgan Schaffer’s solutions play a vital role in maintaining the health of these important, expensive, and aging assets. DGA solutions are essential in detecting and diagnosing incipient faults in these critical assets to ensure peak power capacity, extend the asset’s life, provide condition-based maintenance savings, and avoid catastrophic power grid failure.”

Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company