Bryan Sayler, President

Bryan Sayler brings 28 years of experience developing and implementing highly engineered test solutions for wireless, EMC and microwave applications in the electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. Prior to joining Doble, Mr. Sayler was Sr. Vice President Solutions Development at ETS-Lindgren where he led global project management, hardware, software and strategic solutions development through active participation in global standards bodies including IEEE, CTIA, 3GPP and the WiFi Alliance.



Don Angell, VP Global Strategy & Solutions

Don Angell directs Doble’s global strategic development, market research and solution management. Mr. Angell brings to Doble nearly 32 years of experience in utility operations, engineering and asset management. Prior to joining Doble, he directed National Grid’s Substation Engineering Services; he previously worked at Exelon, as well as the Idaho Power Company. Mr. Angell is a senior member of IEEE.


Julie Crisafulli Brown, SPHR, VP Global HR & Administration

Julie Crisafulli Brown leads Doble’s human resources department, which is responsible for the hiring, expansion and support of Doble’s global team, including the development of the next generation of Doble leaders. Having worked at both Fortune 100 and start-up companies in technology and manufacturing, Ms. Brown has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources, the last twelve in high level management positions.


Paul Griffin, VP Professional Services

Paul Griffin leads Doble’s consulting, testing and laboratory services groups. Mr. Griffin has been with Doble since 1979 and has published over 50 technical papers pertaining to testing of electrical insulating materials and electric apparatus diagnostics. He is a Fellow of ASTM and a member of Committee D-27 on Electrical Insulating Liquids and Gases. Mr. Griffin is a member of the IEEE Insulating Fluids Subcommittee of the Transformer Committee.


Joseph McCadden, VP Finance

Joseph McCadden is the leader of Doble’s finance department. Mr. McCadden joined Doble in 2015; he is an accountant and attorney with experience in international business, M&A, SOX, and business processes. Prior to joining Doble, Mr. McCadden was CFO of organizations ranging from $50M to over $500M including IEP Technologies, United Technologies and Roper Technologies.

Jerry Olechiw

Jerry Olechiw, VP Global Sales

Jerry Olechiw is the leader of Doble’s global sales group, overseeing the selling of Doble’s full range of solutions including test instrumentation, software solutions, enterprise asset management programs and engineering consulting services. Mr. Olechiw joined Doble in 2015 and brings his solutions-selling expertise and international channel experience to this growing organization.


Mark Rivers, VP Client Service Engineering

Mark Rivers leads Doble’s Client Services Group. A Principal Engineer, Mr. Rivers has been with Doble since 1979 consulting on electric power equipment insulation testing and maintenance. He is active on the IEEE Transformer and Doble Committees. He has authored numerous papers in the area of transformer and circuit breaker testing, and he was a technical contributor to the EPRI Guidelines for the Life Extensions of Substations.


Robert Ryan, VP Global Engineering & Operations

Robert Ryan leads Doble’s global engineering and operations groups. With Doble since 2011, Mr. Ryan has 30 years of experience in engineering management, operations, product management and advanced product development with a specific focus on system architectures as well as hardware and software product development. Mr. Ryan has spearheaded centers of excellence for product development, operations and support across Doble’s global organization and has overseen the development of new innovative products and software solutions.

Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company