Customized on-site training sessions

With the Services Agreement, an experienced Doble Client Service Engineer will create a customized training program specific to your test equipment and training needs. The annual training sessions are given on-site and include classroom instruction on theory and technique, as well as hand-on field-testing and analysis of results.

Client Service Annual Training Includes:

  • One week per contract year, customized to meet your needs
  • Classroom training
  • Hands-on field testing
  • Theory and significance of diagnostic testing
  • Testing procedures for apparatus
  • Analysis of test results
  • General maintenance issues

Typical Doble Training Classes

Capacitance/Power Factor (Dissipation Factor Training) 2 Days
Capacitance/Power Factor (Dissipation Factor Training) 3 Days
Leakage Reactance (Short Circuit Impedance) Measurements
Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)

Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company