Independent peer groups discussing asset health and safety issues

Doble provides a forum for industry peers to share and solve their most pressing maintenance, apparatus and safety issues to improve system reliability and minimize risk.

The Client Committee Meetings are exclusively for utility, testing and industrial clients with a Doble Service Agreement. The meetings facilitate an open dialogue between you and your peers about safety, asset health and maintenance issues, focused on problem-solving and collaboration though training and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Participants share issues and best practices, learn from the experiences of others, collaborate to solve problems and improve system performance. All this is done without the presence of manufacturers or insurers.

There are nine Client Committees, each with a unique focus, that meet twice a year, once in September/October in a different North American location each year and once at the International Conference of Doble Clients in Boston, MA USA.


The following are the current Doble Client Committees:

  • Arresters, Capacitors, Cables and Accessories (ACCA)
  • Asset and Maintenance Management (AMM)
  • Bushings, Insulators and Instrument Transformers (BIIT)
  • Circuit Breakers (CB)
  • Insulating Materials (IM)
  • Oil (membership required)
  • Protection, Automation, Controls and Communications (PACC)
  • Rotating Machinery (RM)
  • Transformers (TX)

Each committee consists of a chair and vice-chair who are elected from Doble’s utility client company delegates, and  a secretary and assistance secretary who are Doble representatives. Committee officers are elected by the client committee members and typically serve a two year term.


Who can join the Doble Client Committees?

Any Doble client from a utility, industrial or testing company can join as many Doble Client Committees as they wish. Additionally all Doble utility, industrial and testing company clients are invited to attend any of the eight main committee meetings without officially joining the committees.

Joining a committee does not obligate you to a significant contribution of time and effort unless you choose to do so. Being a committee member simply implies that you plan to actively participate in the meeting discussions. Committee members are encouraged to come to meetings prepared and dedicated to making each meeting useful. But all attendees should be aware the more everyone contributes by sharing their own experiences and viewpoints, the more successful the meetings are for all involved.

If you are interested in joining a Doble Client Committee, please send an email to and it will be forwarded to the appropriate committee secretary.

Who can attend the Doble Client Committee Meetings?

Any Doble client from a utility, industrial or testing company with a Doble Services Agreement is invited to participate in the Doble Client Committee Meetings. Clients who meet this criteria do not have to officially join any committee in order to attend any of the meetings in person and be a part of the experience.

Who cannot join the Doble Client Committees?

To promote the free exchange of information during these meetings, apparatus manufacturers, apparatus manufacturers’ service divisions, apparatus suppliers, apparatus re-sellers, refiners, insurers and underwriters are excluded from Doble Client Committee membership as well as from attendance at the Doble Client Committee Meetings.

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