The most comprehensive industry information at your fingertips

With the most comprehensive information for the electric power industry, Doble is a trusted, knowledge resource.

Since Doble does not manufacture or market utility assets such as transformers, circuit breakers, insulators and bushings, we have always been in a position to act as an honest broker of information related to the performance of these system components.

With a Services Agreement, you’ll be able to make informed decisions using Doble’s online Knowledgebase resource library of apparatus test results, technical presentations and other valuable information. The most extensive collection of apparatus performance knowledge in the world, the Doble library contains over 55 million apparatus test results on over 100,000 types of apparatus.

Doble’s Knowledgebase also provides the opportunity to learn from the expertise and experience of your colleagues. You’ll have access to the last ten years of technical presentations from past Doble Client Conferences, which are archived on the Doble Knowledgebase resource library. Previous years of conference presentations are available with the assistance of your Doble Client Service Engineer.

The Doble Knowledgebase includes information on:

  • Manufacturer Service Advisories
  • Circuit Breaker Lubricator Guide
  • Testing Procedures
  • Apparatus Troubles and Failures
  • Maintenance and Testing
  • Apparatus Repairs
  • Apparatus Retrofits
  • Transformer/ Generator Rewinds
  • Apparatus End-of-Life Reports
  • General Operating Practices
  • Transformer Insulating Oils
  • Doble Conference Proceedings

With a Doble Services Agreement, you’ll have over 80 years of technical information at your fingertips!

Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company