Doble Materials Laboratory

The Doble Materials Laboratory, established in 1933, is staffed by dedicated, experienced chemists and supported by engineering personnel knowledgeable in apparatus diagnostics.

The Doble Laboratory can provide answers and solutions to your problems based on quality data from a wide scope of testing capabilities and rich experience in apparatus diagnostics. We can help you develop the most cost-effective testing program for condition assessment or help identify and solve apparatus problems. All test reports include an analysis of the data and recommendations for remedial action, if warranted.

Testing Capabilities

Serving satisfied customers for over 80 years, our laboratories can perform over 200 laboratory tests on both solid and liquid insulation including:

High-voltage laboratory testing solutions include:

  • AC 300 kV, DC 400 kV, Impulse 1,200 kV
  • Specifications for compliance testing, problem detection, endurance testing, research on dielectric behavior, failure analysis and partial discharge detection
  • Different waveforms including lightning & switching impulses, power frequency, etc.
  • Wide range of rotating machine stator bar tests, including voltage endurance testing
  • Wide range of cable tests, including accelerated aging

Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company