• Patented vacuum resistant membrane prevents failure during oil surges, maintenance or other activities
  • Single valve application – useful when there are limited valves
  • Rapid response – less than 8 minutes for 90% response to step change
  • Alarms and closing contacts – relays, digital and analog outputs
  • Available as a composite gas monitor or hydrogen monitor in standard and mini versions
  • Cost-effective updates on transformer health between regular DGA samples
  • Alerts you when there is a sudden change in dissolved gas levels due to a developing fault within the transformer
  • Notifications give you time to plan instead of reacting to a failure
  • Actionable intelligence helps you determine what steps to take: maintenance, testing, load management, replacement
  • Use as a standalone product, networked to existing SCADA system, or as part of a doblePRIME Condition Monitoring Platform

Choose which doblePRIME Delphi best fits your on-line monitoring needs:

The Delphi MiniThe Delphi StandardThe Delphi Stand Mount
The Delphi Mini - Compact, On-line Dissolved Gas Analysis MonitorThe Delphi Standard - DGA monitor with built-in pump to circulate oilThe Delphi Stand Mount - DGA monitor for difficult-to-reach locations or with excessive vibrations
The Delphi Mini is a compact, on-line DGA monitor with built in communications, data storage and analysisThe Delphi Standard is a larger monitor that also measures moisture and includes a built-in pump to circulate oilThe Delphi Stand Mount is for locations where access to a valve is difficult or where there may be excessive vibrations, e.g., reactors

Each version comes with:

  • Built-in screen to display current values and for the user to set alarm levels
  • 4-20 mA analog outputs
  • RS485 communication via Delphi Diagnose software
  • Relay alarm contacts
  • Data storage for historic trending

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