This interactive 3-5 day course combines theoretical background with practical field experience to provide engineers and technicians with the vital knowledge to understand conventional IEC 60270 and unconventional field partial discharge (PD) diagnostic techniques focusing on power transformers/reactors, capacitor banks, GIS, power cables, and cable terminations.

Doble will provide an introduction to PD, when they occur and what impact they can have on insulation systems. Recommendations included in IEC 60270 standard regarding PD testing circuit and its components will be discussed. Demand for assessing condition of HV assets when in–service has increased utilities interest in un-conventional PD detection approach taking into consideration interferences that occur in on-line field measurements.

Practical PD diagnostic field testing demonstrations could extend training for a fourth and fifth day provided they can be coordinated well in advance along with information about objects to be tested.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand PD, when they occur and what impact they can have on insulation systems.
  • Properly apply of conventional IEC 60270 and unconventional PD diagnostic techniques.
  • Understand instruments used to measure PD and how to analyze/interpret data. Recognize different PD test arrangements for transformers, GIS, and power cables.
  • Understand principles of UHF and acoustic techniques along with a range of sensors.
  • Improve asset management through accurate electrical asset condition assessment.
  • Manage critical asset risk by learning to detect faults early.


Electrical engineers working in operations, maintenance, engineering, or other service field in which knowledge of electrical testing methods and evaluation is required part of job responsibility.

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Title: On-line Partial Discharge Testing
Duration: Three to Five Days
Class Size: 8 -15 Attendees
Credits: Up to 2.4 CEUs or 24 Professional Development Hours

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April 21-23 | Marlborough, MA

Scheduled Course Price: $1800

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