M5200 SFRA provides electric utilities with a powerful new tool
to detect transformer core and winding movement and diagnose transformer condition

April 25, 2005, Boston, MA, USA– Doble Engineering, world leader in diagnostic instruments and knowledge services for the electric power industry, today announced the release of the M5200 SFRA Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer. This newest addition to Doble’s line of diagnostic instruments utilizes an external PC. The M5200 SFRA is the most effective diagnostic tool on the market for detecting mechanical problems in power transformers.

Power transformers are subject to many kinds of physical damage that can be nearly impossible to detect. Once a transformer has been damaged, even if only slightly, the ability to withstand further mechanical stress is reduced. Utility maintenance personnel need to identify damage and apply corrective measures to maintain the mechanical integrity of the transformer. Doble’s SFRA technology provides a view “to see” inside the transformer without costly detanking. With Doble’s SFRA technology, users can identify core and coil structural defects early, and avoid unscheduled outages, downtime or internal inspections.

“This latest addition to the Doble Product line builds on Doble’s extensive experience in transformer testing and condition assessment.” said Robert A. Smith, P.E., President and CEO of Doble Engineering. “The M5200 SFRA maintains Doble’s high quality standards, providing a powerful and cost-effective diagnostic tool for maintenance and testing programs. Doble is pleased to offer an enhanced software and diagnostic instrument that meets the worldwide need for reliable power delivery.”

The M5200 SFRA Windows™ based software includes analysis tools that help users identify any differences between two SFRA measurements. The two traces are displayed on a graph, while the differences between the two are plotted in dB values on separate graphs. You can control the colors so the “difference chart” is red, yellow or green depending on the magnitude of the differences between traces. This helps identify differences between data sets. The data is stored in a simple format, and can be accessed through standard spreadsheet applications and shared with other users through the Doble SFRA Forum.

The M5200 SFRA was introduced to the Doble Client Community at the 72nd International Conference of Doble Clients, April 10 – 15 in Boston, MA USA. At this event, the SFRA User Group held meetings to share knowledge, discuss user experiences and continue the development of the technology. For more information on the role of SFRA in transformer diagnostics, visit the Doble website at www.doble.com.

About Doble
Doble Engineering has been serving the electric power industry by providing diagnostic instruments, services and knowledge for 85 years. Doble also maintains the industry’s most extensive resource library of apparatus test results and knowledge. The company has close working relationships with the world’s electric power companies, working in partnership to improve the performance of their systems and operations. For more visit the company’s web site at www.doble.com or call +1-617-926-4900.
The M5200 SFRA is available for order from April 2005. For more information, contact your local Doble sales representative or email dobleinfo@doble.com.

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