Four days of in-depth training on all critical aspects of motors and generators.

July 6, 2007, Boston, MA, USA – From the creators of Doble Engineering’s renowned “Life of a Transformer” Seminar, Doble Engineered Strategies (DES) is proud to announce the new “Revolutionary Machines” Seminar. This seminar focuses exclusively on electric motors and generators. This newest addition to Doble’s educational seminars will be held November 5 – 8, 2007 at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida, USA.

“Revolutionary Machines” is the first comprehensive seminar to look at design, construction, application, operation, protection, failure modes and repair of large motors and generators. This seminar also covers synchronous and induction motors, rotors and stators. You will be able to immediately increase your day-to-day workforce value by attending this seminar.
“In the five years we’ve been offering the ‘Life of a Transformer’ Seminar I have been repeatedly asked to provide similar training on generators and motors,” said Richard Ladroga, Manager of Business Development for DES. “This new seminar directly addresses the industry’s critical need for vital knowledge to be passed along to a target audience ranging from veteran experts to new engineers.”

Over 20 world-class Rotating Machinery experts will present their knowledge with presentations and discussions focusing on topics such as new equipment and repair specifications, applications, operational limits, failure modes, risk management, diagnostic testing, repair techniques and scheduling maintenance. This is a wonderful opportunity for your questions to be answered by industry experts and a chance to network with industry contacts.
This is an ideal program for everyone involved as an owner, operator, or maintainer of generators and large motors. Electric power generating facilities, petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mills, metal industry, insurance companies and any company with an interest in large electric motors and generators should send delegates to this seminar to increase the value of employees to their job.
Delegates can earn up to 3.2 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for attending the entire week. The cost for the four day seminar is $1,350 per person, which includes breakfasts and lunches.

For more information about the “Revolutionary Machines” Seminar visit the Doble website at and click under Upcoming Doble Events.

About Doble: Doble Engineering has been serving the electric power industry by providing diagnostic instruments, services and knowledge for 85 years. Doble also maintains the industry’s most extensive resource library of apparatus test results and knowledge. The company has close working relationships with the world’s electric power companies, working in partnership to improve the performance of their systems and operations. For more visit the company’s web site at or call +1-617- 926-4900.

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