Renamed Doble PowerTest, an Expanded Team will Cover Condition Assessment of All HV Equipment at Power and Industrial Site, Including Step-up Transformer

BOSTON, MA., USA June 12, 2002 –  Doble Engineering Company, the industry leader in apparatus maintenance and asset management of electric power delivery systems, announced it has acquired the specialty test division of POWERMANN, a leading UK based electrical engineering company. This team of specialist test engineers operates throughout the world providing the highest standards of machine testing, diagnostics and condition monitoring. The new company, named Doble PowerTest, will retain the existing personnel with an expanded team to cover condition assessment of all power and industrial site HV equipment, including step-up transformers.
Doble Engineering Company is a Boston MA, USA based company that has been supplying specialised testing equipment and engineering services to the electric power industry worldwide for many decades. The company has engineering professionals in many areas, each providing advice on testing and use of power apparatus. Doble’s sales representation is worldwide. Its European office is already UK-based, in Derbyshire, England. The PowerTest facility will enable Doble to offer additional engineering support to its European office and clients.

“Doble’s intention is to expand the PowerTest team to offer a broader range of test services,” said Robert A. Smith, President and CEO of Doble Engineering, “One of Doble strengths is the testing and evaluation of power transformers – we already have former NGC transformer specialists on our Boston staff. The PowerTest team will therefore be fully supported in this area from the start. This will enable power stations to have a single call-off contract for test and evaluation of their power equipment.” The sale of the PowerTest division was brought about by the recognition by POWERMANN management that the world of diagnostic testing, life assessment and condition based maintenance was an expanding field with ever more technical input required. As a predominantly maintenance based organisation it was appreciated that the investment in both finance and technical skills needed to keep abreast of this expanding market was greater than POWERMANN could justify for non-core activity.

“This sale offers both existing and new clients access to one of the greatest sources of technical knowledge on apparatus maintenance and asset management of electric power delivery systems in the world today – namely, Doble Engineering Company, “ said Mike Pascall, Managing Director of POWERMANN, “PowerTest clients who decide to become Doble services clients will benefit from attendance at Doble’s premiere technical conferences, participate in e-mail forums with hundreds of peers worldwide, and gain access to the company’s extensive database of apparatus information.”
POWERMANN will continue to work closely with the new company to ensure a smooth transition for clients. They will provide technical and site based support services, with Doble PowerTest providing corresponding technical support to POWERMANN.

About Doble Engineering Company
Doble Engineering has been supplying specialised testing equipment and engineering services to the electric power industry for decades. The company maintains close working relationships with the world’s electric power companies, working in partnership to improve the performance of their systems and operations.

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