Doble is awarded accreditation from IACET to offer Continuing Education Credits at Conferences and Seminars Worldwide

Boston, MA USA—September 2, 2003 – With the company motto “Knowledge is Power,” Doble Engineering considers the gathering and sharing of electric industry information to be one of their highest priorities. This focus is now reinforced by Doble’s announcement that it is now an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) and a member of the International  Organization of Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Moving forward, Doble will begin offering Continuing Education Credits at Doble hosted Seminars and Conferences that meet IACET standards.

This is an exciting opportunity for Doble clients and event participants alike to further their career education. Continuing Education credits are widely accepted by colleges and educational institutions as official credits towards professional licensing requirements and degree programs. As the organization’s name implies, the CEUs can be offered for classes held anywhere in the world, provided the event meets IACET criteria.

In accordance with the IACET criteria, Doble has formed a Continuing Education Group (CEG) in charge of overseeing events offering CEUs. The ISO9000 CEG insures IACET policies and procedures are followed throughout the planning process. Doble is ISO9000 certified and the CEG complies with these standards of quality when reviewing event documents and presentations. The CEG works closely with event coordinators on setting standards for obtaining CEU credits and identifying the learning outcomes for Doble events. Event participants will be notified of the learning outcomes on the Doble web site and in event promotional materials. Quality processes ensure every submitted presentation or paper meets the standards for providing the most accurate information possible.

“We are pleased to have become an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Credits. Our mission is to collect and share the latest electric power issues and knowledge with our clients and the industry as a whole.” said Robert Smith, President and CEO of Doble Engineering. “By offering internationally recognized CEUs to our clients and attendees of Doble seminars and conferences, Doble further increases the value of our events!”

The mission of IACET is to promote and advance quality continuing education and training. As a member of the IACET, Doble is committed to developing educational experiences with a clear purpose and careful planning, taught by qualified instructors. In order to become an IACET Authorized Provider, Doble underwent a thorough evaluation of their educational processes corresponding to the IACET criteria and guidelines. This included two reviews and a site visit by the IACET Commission.

The first Doble event to qualify for CEU status will be the ProTesT User Group Meetings, September 23-26, Client Committee Tutorials on September 24 and the Oil Diagnostics Seminar on September 26, all to be held in Hilton Head, SC. The ProTesT event is a five-day user group meeting with technical presentations and a variety of workshops and tutorials. At the Fall Client Committee Meetings, two tutorials will be held “Circuit Breaker Lubrication” and “Field Testing.” The Oil Diagnostics Seminar is a one-day seminar on electric apparatus assessment using laboratory diagnostics. This interactive seminar combines theoretical background with practical experience and examples. Additional information can be found at

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training is a non-profit association dedicated to quality continuing education and training programs. IACET certifies education providers that meet strict continuing education guidelines created in 1968. IACET certification is the standard learners seek for quality. IACET’s Criteria and Guidelines is the core of thousands of educational programs worldwide.
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