For the first time in 70 years, Doble is allowing non-clients to attend this valuable industry event.

BOSTON, MA. USA—January 13, 2003 – Doble Engineering Company, the industry leader in apparatus maintenance and asset management of electric power delivery systems, today announced that this year’s International Conference of Doble Clients marks the 70th year of the event. To celebrate the success of the past 70 years, Doble is inviting non-clients to participate in the conference activities for the first time. Held in Boston annually since its inception in 1933 this year’s Conference will take place at the Westin Copley Place Hotel on April 6th-11th, 2003. The Doble Conference is regarded as one of the most important events in the world for the electric power industry. Engineers and managers from around the world will gather to exchange information and share experiences about the critical sector of electrical apparatus ownership, operation and maintenance.

Last year over 1000 participants attended, representing 35 countries. Attendees of the International Conference benefited from five days of technical presentations, discussions, training sessions and an Industry Expo. For the Conference, representatives from electric utilities worldwide select presentation topics that address current interests and challenges. This is different from other industry events where manufacturers and other non-utility companies contribute to the topic selection process.

The objective of this year’s Conference is to provide insight into apparatus failure mechanisms along with the effective preventive maintenance of utility assets. During the Conference, nine different Doble Client Committees assemble and hold discussions for the exclusive benefit of utility attendees. Each Client Committee represents a specific interest of the electric power industry—they include: Asset and Maintenance Management, Bushings, Circuit Breakers, Oil, Transformers and Protection Apparatus Test, among others. Manufacturers and insurers are excluded from these meetings, to encourage open discussions by the utilities on apparatus concerns and solutions. Specialized tutorials and training sessions by industry experts are offered free of charge to Conference attendees.

The technical presentations are posted in advance of the event on the Doble web site. Attendees have the ability to review them and prepare with questions and comments for discussion. The presentations become part of Doble’s vast knowledge base of information – a database that Doble clients rely on throughout the year. Some of the highlights of the 2003 Conference Technical Presentations cover topics including: Arresters, Capacitors, Cables and Accessories, Asset Maintenance and Management, Bushings, Circuit Breakers and Transformers.
Industry friends of Doble are invited to participate in the upcoming International Conference at the price of $2,500 for the week. These attendees have access to all technical presentations at the Conference. The objective of the Doble Conference is to learn and proactively share information with industry experts. More information about the upcoming International Conference of Doble Clients can be found at

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