Watertown, 19 June 2007 – Doble Engineering is pleased to announce the release of DTAWeb 1.1, bringing a new level of integration to your Doble Test Result management. DTAWeb1.0 introduces a web-based application which allows loading, editing, exporting and analysis of your DTAField test results. DTAWeb 1.1 adds in the ability to manage your Doble SFRA test results, your oil lab test results, and the ability to see test results that have been generated for you by the Doble Oil Lab, and seamlessly integrates any data you have manually loaded into the database. In addition to test result management, DTAWeb 1.1 allows you
to attach any file you want to an apparatus in the database. Using attachments you can attach nameplate documents to a transformer, bushing drawings to a bushing or thermal images to an arrester.

DTAWeb brings powerful data management and advanced data analysis, yet is easy to install. With the database hosted over the internet by Doble – the same company that has been collecting and analyzing your data for over 80 years – the overhead and
infrastructure required to start using this tool is nothing but your PC. Easy access to backup tools allows complete copies of all of your data in the database to be exported to your local computer at any time. Common nameplate management allows the editing and correcting of nameplate in test result files. These corrections will be carried into the entire test results associated to that apparatus establishing the backbone to your asset condition assessment requirements.

New SFRA integration provides the ability to search for sister units and preview the data before performing an analysis. The Doble SRFA application can then be invoked to perform a detailed analysis, all while working within the database application.
Correlations to DTAField dexcitation or Leakage Reactance test results can then be made to confirm results before making any condition conclusions about the apparatus.

The Oil Lab integration allows users to load their own data into the database and perform population studies to compare the gassing tendencies of similar types of equipment in an effort to better assess questionable results. You have the ability to see results being made at Doble as they are entered. This provides you advance notice of results as well as to compare new results to historic ones you have loaded independently.

The ability to add arbitrary attachments to apparatus provides a way to manage all of your asset documentation in one place. You can attach specifications, mechanical drawings, factory test results, nameplate drawings, service advisories, test data reports,
infrared images, and more! The possibilities are endless. Instantly you have a bushing drawing management tool where you can ask for a copy of all drawings from bushings that meet certain mechanical requirements – an easy way to look for replacements.

DTAWeb is the foundation that Doble uses to bring you the best condition assessment tools in the industry – all included as part of your existing service contract with Doble.

Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company