Watertown, MA, USA – August 26, 2011

Engineers and executives from India’s electric power utilities and related industries will discuss the importance of on-line monitoring and diagnostic tools at the 9th IndiaDoble Power Forum on the 6-8 December 2011 in Bhopal, India. IndiaDoble is highly regarded for the unique opportunity it provides members of the electric power industry; a highly interactive forum with open exchange of experiences, new ideas and the latest techniques for the reliable operation of high voltage equipment.

While off-line techniques are prevalent in India, benefits of on-line testing are becoming more apparent as engineers and managers look to find the most effective ways to track the health of their assets; all while balancing the complex concerns of manpower constraints, regulations and cost. On-line diagnostics is the focus of this year’s IndiaDoble Power Forum event with a series of four open sessions exploring in-depth on-line monitoring of transformers, rotating machines, high voltage switchyard equipment and gas insulated substations.

Abstracts for open session presentations will be accepted through the 9th of September and should be submitted to doblesouthasia@doble.com for consideration.

Doble Clients can attend open sessions free of charge (with some limits on the number of attendees per company). All others are invited to attend the Open Sessions for a fee of Rs 6000. Special rates apply for state utilities.

Optional tutorials will be held Tuesday, the 6th of December for an additional fee of Rs 3000. Topics include:

  • On-line Acoustic Partial Discharge Diagnostics of GIS and Cable Termination Using the Doble DFA100
  • Partial Discharge Theory and its Application to Condition Assessment of High Voltage Equipment
  • On-line and Safe Monitoring of In Service Lightning Arrestors Using the Doble LCM500
  • On-line Monitoring of Transformers and Bushings Using the Doble IDD

Doble facilitates and supports the exchange of best practices and the sharing of critical knowledge through a robust schedule of technical conferences, seminars and users group meetings. Doble conferences have been held throughout the world for over 75 years, providing in-depth, technical information participants can immediately apply on the job. For more information on the IndiaDoble Power Forum and other Doble-hosted events, go to www.doble.com/events.

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Now in 110 countries, Doble Engineering Company has been helping clients in the electric power industry improve operations and optimize system performance for nearly a century. Doble offers diagnostic instruments, services, and the world’s premier library of statistically significant apparatus test results for the benefit of energy generation, transmission, delivery companies and industrial power users worldwide. Doble is part of the Utility Solutions Group of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE), St. Louis. For more information, visit: www.doble.com

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