Rent HV test equipment from Doble. We offer a variety of flexible, cost-effective rental options to meet your short-term test equipment needs. Our rental service includes:

  • Next day delivery in many locations
  • Weekly and monthly rental options
  • Engineering consulting and recommendations available for apparatus test procedures, data analysis and apparatus condition

With deliveries to your facility as quickly as the next day, short-term rentals are ideal for those in need of an extra unit during times of heavy workload or to cover an immediate need for equipment. Rent a unit as a temporary replacement and ensure that your workflow is not disrupted.

Doble engineers provide support for all rental equipment and are ready to assist you with technical questions and test result consultations.

How Do I Rent?

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Current Rental Options


M4100 Insulation Analyzer

The Doble M4100 Insulation Analyzer’s combination of test capabilities and artificial intelligence analysis software makes it the power industry’s most trusted Power Factor/Tan-Delta instrument.

M5400 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

The Doble M5400 Sweep Frequency Response Analysis test set investigates the mechanical integrity of transformers, reactors and other equipment containing windings. Use it to help determine if a transformer is mechanically or electrically damaged, if it can go back in service after a fault or if it has been damaged during transit.

TDR900 Circuit Breaker Test System

The Doble TDR900 is your entry-level, portable circuit breaker test set. Use the TDR900 to verify control circuit, check motion of moving parts, validate time of operation and demonstrate results of circuit breaker maintenance.

Vanguard TRF-250 Transformer Turns Ratio Instrument

The TRF-250 is Vanguard’s fourth generation transformer turns ratio tester. This latest design provides a higher turns-ratio test voltage of 250Vac, provides a wireless Bluetooth PC interface, and features a 44-key “QWERTY”-style membrane keyboard. All these features greatly improve the accuracy of the turns ratio readings, ease of operation, and reliability.

Vanguard TRM-403 Transformer Winding Resistance Instrument

The TRM-403 is a three phase transformer winding resistance meter that allow the user to connect all test cables to the transformer bushings. The unit will then measure the transformer resistance value for each of the phases without the need to disconnect and reconnect cables for each phase. The TRM-403 can provide a fast and stable reading of very large transformers by utilizing a 60Vdc power supply. It is capable of outputting a selectable test current from 1A to 40A. Since the TRM-403 can accurately measure resistance from 1 micro-ohm to 500 Ohms, it can be used as a micro-ohm meter to measure EHV circuit breaker contact resistance, or for any low resistance measuring application.

Vanguard DMOM-200 Micro-Ohmmeter

The DMOM-200 S3 is Vanguard’s fourth generation, microprocessor-based, true DC micro-ohmmeter. It is designed for testing EHV circuit-breaker contact resistances, bushing contact joints, welding joints, or for any low-resistance measuring application. This high current and very lightweight (19.8 lbs/ 8.9 Kg) micro-ohmmeter is designed to meet the IEEE C57.09-1999 (5.15) requirement for testing circuit breaker contact resistance.

Vanguard EZCT-2000C

The EZCT-2000C is Vanguard’s third-generation microprocessor-based current transformer test set. Designed specifically for CT testing, the EZCT-2000C has the following outstanding features that can greatly increase productivity and save time during the commissioning stage. The EZCT-2000C performs CT excitation, current-ratio, polarity, and phase angle tests; measures insulation resistance and winding resistance of the CT secondary windings; and measures the CT’s load burden.



F6150 Power System Simulator

Doble’s F6150 Power System Simulators are your versatile solutions for testing IEC 61850-based protection devices and schemes. Whether you need to test an individual component or test an entire scheme, F6150 Power System Simulators perform an array of tests ranging from simple to complex.




Type C Resonator

Used to assist with testing large specimens such as motors, generators and cables, the Type C Resonator provides extra current needed for high voltage test levels. The Type C Resonator allows precise balance with the test specimen, maximizing the highest voltage range possible.

Pair the Type C Resonator with the M4100 to extend its charging current range and test high capacitance apparatus.


M4110 Leakage Reactance Module

The M4110 Leakage Reactance Module is an insulation analysis accessory that measures and calculates both per-phase and three-phase equivalent leakage reactance and loss for transformers. Use with the Doble M4100 Insulation Analyzer to measure the short circuit impedance of transformers, a vital tool for diagnosing winding deformation.

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