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The Weakest Link

Wouldn’t it be great if your assets could talk to you when they are “in pain”? What if you could have had a small warning before they took ill? Could you have done something to save or extend their lifetime? What about making sure you have a safe work place for your colleagues and yourself?

In high-voltage assets, degraded insulation is often invisible to the eye or any IR cameras; it will, however, generate low level radio wave pulses. Degraded insulation will seldom, if ever, heal itself, rather it will become more and more deteriorated, and thus more and more likely to fail. Having the right “hearing aid” enables you to listen to these radio pulses and locate the weakest link in your energy supply chain.

Is it safe to work next to these energized assets?

Step away from dangerous minefield and reduce the likelihood of unpleasant surprises of catastrophically failing assets. Use your knowledge and listen to what they’re telling you…

If you know what’s wrong and you have a maintenance plan, then you will

  • Know where the weak links are
  • Know how to prioritize maintenance
  • Know what to do to repair them
  • Know when to do it
  • Know how much it impacts your operation if ignored

Leave the healthy ones which do not ‘complain’ and focus your attention where needed. Better data, better knowledge, better decisions!

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