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Theory Meets Testing: Life of a Transformer Seminar’s Transformer Relay Protection Program


Effective relay protection for power transformers is key to providing safe and reliable power to communities across the globe. Doble’s Life of a Transformer Seminar’s Transformer Relay Protection Program equips engineers and technicians with the knowledge and hands-on training needed to protect the most valuable asset of the substation – its transformers.

The Life of a Transformer Seminar

As the power industry evolves, it is crucial to find efficient, real-world solutions to meet new challenges in the field and office. The Life of a Transformer Seminar is the electrical power industry’s premier training seminar dedicated to addressing the questions, concerns and experiences of those who work with large power transformers. With topics ranging from transformer design to the latest technologies for field testing, the seminar delves into the intricacies of each stage in the lifecycle of power transformers.

With more than 50 sessions offered by 60 of the power industry’s top experts, the Life of a Tranformer Seminar provides attendees with the educational tools needed to make more informed decisions about critical assets, while providing a forum to exchange best practices for maintaining short-term individual transformer reliability and long term transformer population management.

The Transformer Relay Protection Program is one of the seminar’s three training program options (Transformer Professional, Transformer Maintenance, Transformer Relay Protection), and is specifically designed to connect the protection workforce to theory, testing techniques and professional resources offered by the country’s leading transformer manufacturers and service providers.

The Transformer Relay Protection Program

The Transformer Relay Protection Program at the Life of a Transformer Seminar features 17 comprehensive presentations aimed at addressing the entire spectrum of protection testing: relay application, settings, testing and diagnosing relay misoperations. Program sessions cover a range of topics from understanding the basics of microprocessor relays to the complex, critical theory of differential protection.

“Engineers understand theory better when they witness practical testing and technicians will not only learn about testing but will be able to absorb the theory better,” said Ed Khan, Director of Protection Training at Doble Engineering Company and presenter of the seminar’s Transformer Relay Protection Program.

The Transformer Relay Protection program offers a blend of technical presentations coupled with live testing demonstrations specifically suited for those working in the protection field, making it ideal for engineers and technicians working in industrial plants, utilities, power plants, testing companies, switchgear manufacturers and insurance personnel.

What’s Ahead on the Agenda for 2019

Attendees can look forward to presentations on protection testing staples, such as sessions on concept, construction, application and testing of sudden pressure and Bucholz relays, as well as information on important industry regulatory changes throughout the 2019 Life of a Transformer Seminar.

Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GIC) and geomagnetic disturbances (GMDs) caused by solar storms, and the damage that can potentially result from them will be covered throughout the Relay Protection Program. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about NERC requirements for utilities, in addition to methods to detect transformer saturation due to GIC and how to use real-time simulation to model GIC studies and transformer inrush.

Testing demonstrations are expected of transformer protection relays from Beckwith, SEL, GE as well as Doble and Vanguard test sets. Vendors will also be available to field questions from attendees as well as offer their perspective, approach and solutions to relay testing related issues with power transformers.

The Takeaway

Relay protection may not prevent faults from occurring, but correct operation of relays makes the difference between replacing a power transformer or all the costs and loss of service associated with repairing one.

With proper knowledge of how to select, apply and test relays correctly, engineers and technicians will minimize damage during faults. The Life of a Transformer Seminar’s Relay Protection Program prepares attendees to meet the demands of the modern grid with vital training that can make a lasting impact throughout their careers.

“By building a bridge between theory and testing, the Transformer Relay Protection Program equips you with all the tools and knowledge to move forward with confidence and become an important asset for your company,” said Khan.


Interested in Attending? The 2019 Life of a Transformer Seminar is being held in Summerlin, Nevada from February 11-15. Register now.

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