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Transformer Design Review

By in Transformers | May 9, 2016

When purchasing a transformer, conducting a design review can help eliminate the high cost of fixing field problems and also minimize delays due to design changes. After the bid award, the next steps are the design and purchasing of materials. A transformer design review can be an effective step to expedite the design and manufacturing process since the ultimate result is approval of the manufacturer’s design. With design approval, the manufacturer can purchase the specified materials and begin construction. Design reviews ensure technical compliance of the transformer design and construction by verifying that appropriate materials are used, performance guarantees will be met and the transformer will be adequately tested – all to help ensure long-term, reliable service.

Why Conduct a Design Review?

A design review helps expedite the procurement process by bringing both parties together to discuss the technical details of the transformer design. Drawings can be reviewed and the approval process started. A properly conducted design review will establish a design that is agreed upon by both the purchaser and manufacturer. The design review provides verification for the purchaser that the manufacturer is meeting their procurement specification’s fit, function, performance, materials and other requirements. Design reviews help prevent and minimize project schedule delays and cost over-runs.

When to Conduct a Design Review

Design reviews are often conducted when there is a unique transformer design or when the technical purchasing specification is demanding, both of which are especially true when a transformer manufacturer is designing and constructing to a specification for the first time.

Experience shows that it is very difficult to create a transformer specification that covers every aspect; there are always interpretation issues and differences in technology and manufacturing capabilities that can sometimes result in surprises. Conducting a design review allows for detailed verification that a manufacturer meets the technical requirements of the relevant industry standards and the purchasing company’s specific requirements. The design review is used to ensure that the intent of the specification is being satisfied to an acceptable level.

Performing a Design Review

The following topics should be reviewed in detail to ensure that the manufacturer’s proposed design is adequate and meets the intended application of the given transformer:

  1. Magnetic Circuit
  2. Windings and Insulation
  3. Impedance and Losses
  4. Thermal Performance
  5. Short Circuit Withstand

Other relevant topics should be reviewed as needed, which typically include tap changers, controls and devices, mechanical considerations and factory acceptance testing.


Doble has a team of transformer design experts regularly conducting design reviews on behalf of our customers. Rely on our experts as an extension of your team when you need these critical services. Contact Doble for more information about our transformer consulting and testing services.

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