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Doble and Morgan Schaffer: Comprehensive Condition Monitoring


On May 25th, Morgan Schaffer became a new subsidiary of Doble Engineering Company. Morgan Schaffer is a global utility solutions provider based in Montreal, Québec that specializes in dissolved gas analysis (DGA).

We recently spoke with Doble’s president, Bryan Sayler, to discuss this exciting development and learn more about what it means for our customers and our industry.

Why did Doble acquire Morgan Schaffer?

Morgan Schaffer was an ideal fit when we looked at its technology, reputation and culture. Our companies are also aligned in vision, mission and values, which is crucial when bringing teams together.

Doble’s corporate mission is to ensure all people have reliable, safe and secure energy. Having Morgan Schaffer as part of the team helps us keep true to that mission.

What does this new dynamic mean for the industry?

DGA is Morgan Schaffer’s area of expertise — and is the most critical metric for assessing the health of a power transformer. With our combined knowledge, instruments and services, we are the industry’s most trusted resource for condition monitoring.

We know as the industry moves towards condition-based maintenance there is no “one size fits all” approach that works for everyone. Some customers will want a stand-alone DGA monitor while others will continue to rely on laboratory services. Other teams are looking for comprehensive packages that include condition monitoring platforms, laboratory testing programs, diagnostic support, and advanced consulting services. Doble can offer all these solutions, giving our customers more options to choose from when developing or expanding their condition monitoring programs.

How else will our customers benefit?

We have a winning technological combination for our customers. Morgan Schaffer’s Calisto, for example, is recognized as the most accurate online DGA monitor; Calisto fits perfectly into the doblePRIME condition monitoring platform for transformers, which enables us to deliver an integrated, end-to-end monitoring platform unlike any other on the market today. Customers get all the tools they need for a complete, data-oriented picture of asset health.

There’s also Morgan Schaffer’s Myrkos for portable DGA testing, which is a powerful tool for laboratory quality testing in the field. This complements our in-service testing and assessment portfolio. These instruments play an important part in our customers’ condition-based maintenance programs.

Add in Morgan Schaffer’s laboratory in Montreal, Inside View software, and industry standards, and our laboratory service offerings are even more robust than before.

Both Doble and Morgan Schaffer are known for reliable technology, solution expertise and long histories in the industry. We excel at helping our customers solve problems. With our combined team, we now have even more expertise we can apply to solve the challenges facing our customers.


  • CURRENT CUSTOMERS: Your Doble and Morgan Schaffer sales, office, and support contacts have not changed.
  • LABORATORY LOCATIONS: We are now offering laboratory services from five locations: Watertown, Massachusetts; Indianapolis, Indiana; Morrisville, North Carolina; Houston, Texas; Montreal, Quebec.
  • STANDARDS: Learn about True North and Atlantis, Morgan Schaffer’s commercially available gas-in-oil and moisture-in-oil standards.
  • FURTHER READING: Read the news story about the acquisition.
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