• Interference-free measurement of all nine gases
  • Lowest detection limits
  • Built-in diagnostic tools and solubility coefficients for all common insulating oils
  • Fast measurement time: results within two minutes of injection
  • Intuitive step-by-step on-screen operation
  • Proven gas chromatography (MicroGC) technology
  • Extraction and gas measurement technologies recognized by ASTM 3612 and IEC 60567
  • Interface software in six languages
  • On-screen oil sampling and gas extraction instructions
  • User-friendly calibration system
  • 7 hours of cordless operation
  • Over 40 hours of operation between carrier gas refills
  • Easy portability, set-up, and operation
  • Congruous with any reputable laboratory DGA results
  • Fully compatible with INSIDEVIEW Insulating Oil Diagnostic Software
  • Generates precise and accurate results within two minutes of injection
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Minimizes human error in sampling, extraction, and measurement
  • Low cost of ownership • 30 months standard warranty on all Myrkos products
  • Integrates easily into any laboratory quality management system (QMS) and standard procedures

Myrkos portable gas analyzers

Myrkos MicroGC technology is combined with our proprietary Shake Test® Method, a variation of ASTM D3612-02 Method C, also described in the international standard IEC 60567. The Myrkos instrument is available in a Field Package and a Lab Package:

Myrkos Field Package

The Myrkos Field Package is optimized for laboratory quality DGA sampling in a substation environment. All components are packed into a high performance carrying case proofed against vibration, rain and immersion. Its easy portability, set-up and operation maximize operator productivity and minimize human error. The Field Package features 7 hours of battery life and over 40 hours of operation between carrier gas refills.

Myrkos Lab Package

The Myrkos Lab Package is optimized for throughput of oil samples in a DGA laboratory environment. The Myrkos DGA MicroGC is combined with a Syringe Shaker for automated Shake Test® sample extraction and a carrying case with six Shake Test® syringes. The Myrkos Lab Package integrates easily into any laboratory QMS and standard procedures, enabling laboratories to optimize resources and minimize cost per sample.



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