• Customizable program that can automate 7 manual steps in traditional testing workflows
  • Controllers are rugged, secure devices guaranteed to connect to your Doble test equipment
  • Easy system-wide software version control – no need for IT support
  • Controlled sharing and distribution of documents between field and office such as manuals, SOPs, bulletins
  • Field-fillable forms automate data collection previously recorded and maintained on paper, e.g. safety tailboards, inspection reports


  • Tailored to your testing practices and business requirements
  • Standardize processes across your workforce
  • Save time and improve efficiency of test crews
  • Ease of use and no time lost troubleshooting instrument connections with seamless test equipment connection
  • Most recent data is available to the tester when they turn on the controller
  • No more losing test data – data management process is automated and behind the scenes

NERC CIP & Doble’s Field Force Automation


Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company