• PowerBase FeaturesData storage system for relay test, settings, maintenance and engineering records
  • Powerful, user-friendly report generator: single-criteria lists; multiple-criteria comparisons, trends, analyses; file searches; graphical displays of test results and more
  • Test result management for simplified NERC PRC-005 compliance and trending
  • Reliable data backup for RTS and Protection Suite
  • Customizable dashboards to track data
  • Use built-in work order features or connect to existing work order management systems
  • Automatic monitoring and notification of changes to device and settings status
  • PowerBase BenefitsOrganize your data with a centralized location for relay test results and associated documentation
  • Trend relay performance for individual relays or a population of relays
  • Create an easy to track audit trail: see who tested which relay, when, where, how, why and see the results
  • Build and share custom reports across your organization to give key stakeholders status updates
  • Set up supervisory controls for deploying, tracking and approving test data submitted from the field
  • Simultaneously run from numerous workstation computers using a single database that operates on a local or Doble hosted server
  • Perform bulk edits and maintain consistent data across all users

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