• Run manual ramp, pulse and step functions (voltage, current and frequency) for testing protective-device operations
  • Trigger timers from analog and digital events, with logic
  • View graphical setup and phasor-quantities displays
  • Save files (with results) for future tests
  • Protection Suite Control Panel software is included in the purchase of your F6150e/sv
  • Perform calibration yearly and before important jobs
  • Use with F6150 test sets and F6300-series amplifiers
  • Calibrate with the F6080 Field Calibration Unit (optional)
  • Test older and state-of-the-art protection devices with ease
  • Create new tests quickly with comprehensive Test Plan Builder
  • Read relay settings – modify tests based on actual relay settings
  • Link to any program with advanced scripting functions, for ultimate automation
  • Gather and record data from the entire substation/system with Data Entry and Spreadsheet steps, and Battery Tests
  • Run phasor measurement (PMU C37.118) and synchrophasor tests
  • Monitor and generate IEC 61850 9-2LE sampled values and GOOSE
  • Filter report data for NERC compliance reporting
  • Synchronize test data and test plans – link to Doble ProtectionWeb and ENOSERV PowerBase
  • Model and test schemes (faults and reclosing) with 256-states State Simulator
  • Generate fault values with intelligent Power System Model
  • Test with actual recorded faults — COMTRADE playback
  • Play simulations from .SS1 and .SS2 files
  • Give new life to your test library — convert old .db ProTesT plans and results
  • Improve speed and accuracy — apply global changes with formulas
  • Perform analog/digital meter and transducer testing (with F6800 option)
  • Check ct and pt polarity and wiring
  • Capture data with 8-channel DFR (F6820 Analog Input Measurement option)
  • Generate customized test reports and report templates

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