Improve plant reliability and enhance operational performance


rmservices-electrical-substationsCritical electrical asset reliability is a cornerstone of the power generation and industry’s drive for safe and reliable plant operations. Whether nuclear, steam, hydro, combined cycle, simple cycle, diesel, renewable generation or industrial, rotating machinery condition assessment services from Doble provide a solid foundation for effective condition-based maintenance programs based on industry best practices.

Doble is the trusted, independent rotating machinery condition assessment expert, providing on-line and off-line diagnostic service solutions to improve plant reliability, enhance operational performance and enable limited maintenance budgets to be targeted toward critical and/or problematic units.

On-line generator/motor assessment solutions include:

  • EMI Diagnostics testing
  • Partial discharge testing

Off-line generator/motor testing solutions include:

  • Visual inspection
  • DC insulation resistance and polarization index
  • AC power factor and capacitance
  • AC partial discharge
  • Air gap search coils
  • Rotor winding integrity (RSO)
  • ELCID and ring flux

Additional motor tests include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Off-line tan delta and partial discharge

Laboratory Services:

Design and manufacturing problems can cause premature equipment failure. To minimize that risk, Doble’s high-voltage laboratory offers a wide range of qualification and acceptance tests for medium-voltage and high-voltage rotating machines. Learn more about our lab services for rotating machines.


rmservices-guys-reviewing-detailsWhy Doble Power Services?

  • Extensive global experience
  • Trusted, independent, unbiased, expert opinions
  • Proven rotating machinery reliability health assessment methodology
  • Recommended by most major insurance companies
  • Well respected high-voltage laboratory diagnostics research
  • Doble Peer Review process
  • Doble Rotating Machinery & Electric Plant Reliability Workshop
  • Doble Knowledgebase containing decades of statistically significant data including 25 million test results on over 350,000 types of electrical apparatus

Doble Power Services has assembled a team of experienced rotating machinery condition assessment engineers with expertise unmatched by any independent engineering company. Electromagnetic signature analysis was first applied to electric power applications over 30 years ago by James Timperley, Doble senior EMI test engineer. Lemke Diagnostics, acquired by Doble Engineering in 2008, has been at forefront of the development and utilization of partial discharge for more than 40 years and is actively involved in IEEE, IEC, CIGRE and other standards bodies.

Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company