Detecting electrical and mechanical system component problems

rmservices-emi_diagnostics-man-diagnosinglargeRMElectric generators are usually reliable pieces of equipment, however, a large portion of the existing generating fleet is approaching or has exceeded their design life. On-line, non-invasive diagnostic solutions, such as Doble’s EMI testing services, can be very useful in helping asset owners identify issues before outages, allowing for more efficient outage planning and prioritization of needed repairs.

EMI Diagnostics is a non-invasive, on-line electromagnetic interference survey which provides a broader system view of defects, including partial discharge, and can detect a wide variety of electrical and mechanical system component problems in generators, motors, isolated phase bus, transformers, cables, switchgear and associated electrical system components.


  • Performed on-line while plant is in service
  • No permanent high-voltage connections
  • Detects the radio frequency emissions resulting from partial discharge and arcing
  • Maintenance recommendation can be provided upon completion of first test
  • Over 8,000 tests conducted since 1980 on over 500 different designs from 25hp to 1400 MW.
  • Technology used at nuclear, fossil, hydro power plants

Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company