M4300 Transport
The M4300 Transport cart ensures smooth, easy travel over all terrain. m4300@2x

Type C Resonator
When testing large specimens such as motors, generators or the occasional GSU, the Type C resonator provides the extra current needed to achieve high voltage test levels. The Type C resonator is tunable, allowing for precise balance with the test specimen, maximizing and ensuring you get the best voltage range possible. type_c-resonator@2x 

M4110 Leakage Reactance Module
The M4110 can measure and calculate both single phase and three-phase equivalent leakage reactance and loss for transformers. Supports both IEEE-62 and IEEE C57.152 test standards. (M4100 only)


M4140 Capacitor Bank Test Kit
The M4140 Capacitor Bank Test kit works as a current source with the M4110, allowing you to measure series, parallel, series-parallel and parallel-series capacitor bank leakage. By applying current across strings of capacitor banks, you can test all the capacitors individually or in groups to quickly identify problematic capacitors within the bank. (M4100 only)

dobleTTR Capacitor
The dobleTTR Capacitor performs high voltage stress tests of the turn to turn insulation while measuring the turns-turn ratio of transformers. Supports the IEEE C57.152 standard. (M4100 only) transformer_turns_ratio_capacitor@2x 

External Reference Module
If testing in a high voltage laboratory setting, the External Reference Module includes additional surge suppression and test lead hookups. Used with an external power supply and shunt reference, laboratories can measure PF/Tan-Delta at voltages greater than 12 kV. (M4100 only)

Field Oil Cell
The Field Oil Cell allows for quick assessment of the oil condition when in the field. Users can quickly judge the condition of the oil to help assess overall transformer health.

Longer high voltage and measurement cables are available upon request.



M7100 Analyzer
DTA Software

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