• Uses RFI technology to identify and locate defects
  • Detect harmful PD by the electromagnetic energy emitted from the area of activity
  • Compare reference baseline to readings from inside the substation
  • Spectrum and time modes
  • Store recordings in the instrument and later transfer to a PC for further analysis with PDViewer software
  • Rugged, light-weight, hand-held instrument
  • Works with a variety of sensors, probes and antennae for various applications


  • Safe and effective method for PD detection
  • Non-invasive inspection method for substation surveys
  • Use on a daily basis or during routine substation inspections together with other methods such as infrared scanning
  • Cost-effective way to include PD detection in your condition based maintenance program

Antenna Duck TN80313

Duck Antenna

  • Fixed-length antenna for wide range capture of UHF signals in indoor areas
  • Bandwidth <1000 MHz
  • Length: 210 mm
 Directional Antenna 290mm

DA100 Directional Antenna

  • Evaluate the potential direction of PD and RFI sources
  • Can be handheld or mounted on tripod
  • Bandwidth 250MHz – 1GHz
  • Diameter: 290 mm
 Antenna Telescopic

 Telescopic Antenna

  • Antenna for wide range capture of UHF signals in open areas
  • Bandwidth 25-1900 MHz
  • Length: 310 mm (fully extended)
  • Standard accessory for PDS100
 Antenna Whip TN80311

Whip Antenna

  • Fixed-length antenna for wide range capture of UHF signals in open areas
  • Bandwidth 25-1900 MHz
  • Length: 410 mm
  • Standard accessory for PDS100
GIS spacer sensor

UHF spacer sensor

  • Connect a Doble UHF antenna directly to the antenna input of the PDS100
  • Place the sensor across a joint on a GIS to find evidence of partial discharge inside
  • See and correlate the pulse patterns in time domain mode
TEVProbe TN80310

TEV probe

  • Find PD in metal-clad switchgear and internally in transformers
  • Connect the TEV probe directly on the antenna input of the PDS100
  • Move the sensor across a grounded metal surface to find the location of the strongest signal amplitude
 HFCT TN80308


  • Clip on an apparatus ground wire and connect to the PDS100 to confirm internal PD activity
  • Scan for electrical pulses (f < 200 MHz) as evidence for partial discharge to earth
  • See and correlate the pulse patterns in time domain mode
UHF DV sensor_DN5080 TN80322

UHF Drain Valve Sensor DN50/DN80

  • Use on HV transformers for decoupling of electromagnetic PD signals from inside of transformers
  • Sensor fits into DN 50 or DN 80 drain valves
  • Supports “Performance/ Sensitivity Check” where high frequency test pulses can be injected with further integrated electrodes
  • Grounded sensors (for low frequencies)



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