• Create reusable, standardized test routines by using a combination of test modules
  • Perform acceptance, commissioning and maintenance testing
  • Test modules support spreadsheet-like calculations using variables
  • Relational database system to store relays with protection functions, test plans and historical test data
  • Document and report all your relays and functional settings, relay characteristics, test methods and maintenance test history
  • Tracks maintenance test schedules and previously performed tests; alerts when a scheduled maintenance is getting close
  • Library of impedance and differential relay models from various relay vendors
  • Reduce learning time and start testing quickly using pre-configured, function-oriented, graphical test modules
  • Create test plans and model complex characteristics easily, based upon the extensive relay library
  • Standardize test practices with automated templates and increase productivity
  • Improve accuracy and repeatability with less manual intervention
  • Verify your entire protection scheme with GPS-synchronized end-to-end testing in the powerful and versatile state-simulation test module
  • Optimize your maintenance program and prepare for regulatory audits with data from the reporting features and historical database

Distance Relays

Test distance relays quickly and easily using function-based modules under realistic system conditions with built-in network models. View relay impedance and time characteristics and test points with graphical interfaces. Test the dynamic performance of distance relays with a constant source impedance network model.

Out-of-Step Blocking

F6TesT makes testing complex power-swing blocking and out-of-step functions (conventional and non-conventional) very easy under realistic system conditions of load, faults, and powers swings. View the impedance locus and transient waveforms of voltages and currents and logic signals. Use the classical 2-machine model or user-drawn locus with specified dz/dt between points for full control of the test.

Dynamic Testing – State Simulation

The State Simulation test module provides full control of F6000-series voltage sources, current sources, and logic outputs. Simulate a sequence of power-system states such as pre-fault, fault, post-fault, synchronizing, and auto-reclose conditions for dynamic state testing. Specify the L/R time constant at each state to simulate a decaying transient dc offset. Perform any protection system test using SSIMUL, including switch-on-to-fault, evolving faults, current reversals, teleprotection schemes, auto-reclose with sync check, breaker failure, and more. State simulation is the foundation for most function-based test modules to provide realistic and dynamic testing of relays.

No-Fuss Element Testing

Target a particular functional element and test its performance with the function-centered test modules. F6TesT calculates for every test shot the correct voltages and currents to test the functional element and to measuring the relay output reaction time. This smart-test procedure finds the characteristics and timing of a multifunction relay that has multiple distance zones (including phase and ground) and backup overcurrent protection, even if only a single trip output is available. There is no need to disable any function/element and re-map signals to the single trip output.


Ramp is another test module that features automatic stepped, smooth, pulsed ramp and rate-of-change control of frequency, current, voltage, and phase angle. Ramp also supports mouse-controlled manual step changes. Also, you can ramp simultaneously voltage amplitude and frequency, for testing volts-per-Hertz functions.

IEC 61850

Test IEC 61850-based protection and control systems using F6TesT and the F6150sv Power System Simulator. Analyze and simulate hybrid systems consisting of conventional analog and IEC 61850-based sampled values of currents and voltages. At the same time test hard-wired logic inputs and outputs combined with GOOSE/GSSE messages.



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